Big Sur, California

Captured at dawn along the California coast, it was impossible to not be taken in by the majestic landscape.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Taken from a classic viewpoint, the light overlapping the graphic lines of the bridge caught my eye.

Humpback Whales in Antartica

Shot on a blistery day from a kayak in beautiful Antartica, these slow moving giants gracefully moved by as a pair.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vistas of the canals of Amsterdam never grow old. Taken at sunset, the city nightlife was just starting to come alive.

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

After a trek in the pitch black this sunrise streak was a wonderful payoff. It only lasted a few minutes, and looked like the mountain was on fire.

Venice, Italy

Venice at dawn is completely empty, save a few keen photographers. Getting to see the classic views all to ourselves outweighed the pain of the early alarm clock after a little too much vino the night before.

Muir Woods, California

The giant redwood trees that populate these woods are stunningly beautiful and humbling. This shot was taken in a momentary passing of the light.

London, UK

I’ll never tire of London Architecture, here is a classic of Big Ben.

West Palm Beach, Florida

A sunrise walk in my home state, shot after a stormy night.

Positano, Italy

Almost too pretty to be real, this coastal shot was taken at sunset.


Taken on a freezing, overcast monring. For just a moment, the clouds parted to show the mountain range behind the waterfall.

West Palm Beach, Florida

Kayaking along the Florida coast is a favourite past time. I rounded a corner and accidentally surprised a blue heron, who took flight just as I got my camera up.

Paris, Frace

My camera reel is full of classic Paris shots, but somehow this gritty black and white shot stuck with me.


Turns out there are many species of penguin, shown here is the Adélie penguin. I will never get over how cute their waddle is.

Beijing, China

Took on a day shadowed by pollution, the eerie stillness of this shot captured my attention.

Asheville, North Carolina

Gorgeous rolling hills and beautiful greenery, we found this waterfall after a long hike. What you can’t see, is that I am waist deep in freezing water to get this shot.

The Great Wall, China

Taken from un-restored paths of the walls, this shot always made me feel like the start of a new journey.

London, UK

Another shot from a sunrise walk in my home city.

Full moon

On a perfectly clear night, the moon looked like you could reach out and touch it.

Kayaking in Antartica

Taken Christmas day a few years ago, without a doubt on of the most special trips of my life.